Eden is a community for patients & families affected by chronic illnesses.
My goal was to create a vibrant, informative, user-friendly landing page


Create a well organized, informative and visually appealing landing page


User Experience Designer


Organized content, streamlined layout while creating a brighter and more welcoming page


Click Me!!!


Site was dark and drab with lots of scrolling as the information is scattered throughout the page. You’ll also find the intro video at the bottom of the page and no clear login or call-to-action buttons

Wireframe: Lo-Fi

Notice the intro video has been moved to the top of the page to greet visitors to the site. First-time users are prompted by call-to-action buttons to sign up or learn more. Returning users see clear login input fields in the top right-hand corner. The page was shortened and now requires less scrolling.

Solution: Mid-Fi

A bright and vibrant page confers a warm and welcoming community to patients and families dealing with the emotional stressors of a chronic illness. A clear mission statement with an added testimonial section instantly shows users the value they’ll receive being a member of the community. Overall, the re-designed page is cleaner and easier to navigate yet provides more information than the original landing page.